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Wedding Tips ~ #1 Lighting

I think I speak for many photographers here when I say; one of the most important, but most often overlooked aspects of wedding planning is the lighting.

And no, your pretty fairy lights aren’t nearly enough lighting!!

Really? Why not?

For one, they often cycle, meaning that even though they all seem “on” to our eyes, that is not the case. Depending on the settings on the camera, up to one half of the little leds might be dark. And even if they are all on, they simply don’t put enough light out. Booo!!

Why should I give a crap about light?

Good question, glad you asked.

Camera’s need some light to be able to focus. If it is completely dark, my job goes from difficult, to near impossible. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll deal with it and get the job done for you, but I’ll be in survival mode, not creative mode.

Trust me you want me in creative mode.

But what about that big flash you have on your camera?

I’m more than happy to use my flash, but I much prefer to shot using the available light. I think the photo’s are nicer, and I think the flashes are kind of annoying, particularly when I am in ninja mode shooting your guests.

Ok Mark, so my fairy lights are shit, what do you recommend?

Festoon lighting!!!

It is as cheap as chips to buy some strings of lights on ebay. Don’t be cheap. Get heaps. You can use them after your wedding too 🙂

Right. Done. The festoon lights are on the way. Where is the best place to put them?

Above the dance floor for some dramatic first dance photos.

In the marquee/room, above the guests.

Basically everywhere!

OK cool, anything else that might help?

Not so much for me, but double check that the venue has lighting for people reading speeches etc. It’s kinda shitty to have someone struggle to pour there heart out, with someone holding an effing iphone torch over their shoulder for light. Mood killer!

I hope this helps! Please feel free to share it with your friends 🙂



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